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Gallery 4

angelhdls.jpg (4197 bytes) This is a head detail shot of a 19th scale sculpt of "ANGEL" from the
Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series that was sculpted for The Wolf's Den.
This is a 1/9th scale figure detail shot of a Tribute piece derived from the illustrator, Timothy Bradstreet and his vampire gaming graphic art.

Called "Heinrick Slemp"-Vampire  by a company doing an series of more vampire  kits to interlock bases with this one.

HSlempHdDtlSm.jpg (5998 bytes)
BRIDELBsm.jpg (6924 bytes) This is a photo of a  painted DANE sculpted accessory kit to Polar Lights' "Bride of  Frankenstein" Aurora reissue I did for Alieanage Models.

Polar Lights rep liked it so much they did the Lost In Space Doctor add-on to the "Robby the Robot" styrne reissue and included the Alienage "Bride Accessory Lab" kit in their catalog too.
Contact alienagemo@aol.com for details or visit  their website

A 1/6th scale sculpt in progress shot of "Mordred" from the British film, "Excalibur" I did for Resin Realities . Not shown are the dome to the throne and spear and alternate armor head kit option.

Contact us for release date.

MORDREDDTL.jpg (5996 bytes)

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