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Instructional Sculpture DVDs

I've just released a DVD version of video #19.

Sculpting A Likeness In Clay  $37.95+$7.00 S&H in USA.


New DVD, Sculpting A Creature From A Black Lagoon 4 hours


Instructional Sculpture Video Tapes

We offer many video tapes that show how to sculpt a figure. These tapes offer more than a university level sculpting course would show you. The videos are listed  so that you can start at the basic level and get additional tapes as your skill increases. At the bottom of the page there is a numerical list of the videos. 


Tape # 7 will give you all the basic information on starting out. There is 8 hours of information on this tape. It will be of interest to folks that already have some sculpting experience too.   #7. Basic Figure Sculpting-8hrs.


Tape # 13 contains information and examples on sculpting the male figure. This is the video to get if your interest is sculpting an 'action hero'. #13. Sculpting Human Anatomy-Male-8hrs.


  Tape # 17 is a more advanced look at figure modeling in general. This tape is 16 hours long. There is something for everyone here. #17. Advanced Figure Sculpting-16hrs.


Tape # 18 is all about sculpting the female form. The tape is 8 1/2 hours long. #18. Sculpting The Female Form-8.5hrs 


Tape # 19 is about how to make your sculpture look like a recognizable person. #19. Sculpting A Likeness In Clay-6hrs


Tape # 1 contains all the details you need to sculpt a generic head and face. This is the one you need to pick up if you want some help getting your ideas into the 3D realm. #1. Sculpting The Human Head-6hrs.


Tape # 15 is a expert level tape about creating bases for kits. This tape is geared towards the professional sculptor. However it is also valuable to the kit builder that wants to create a base for a kit. #15. Sculpting Figure Bases-4 hrs.

Tape # 16  teaches how to sculpt bas relief figures, medallions and nameplates. 
#16. Sculpting in Bas Relief- 4 hrs


The following video tapes contain information about building  and painting a garage kit.

Tape # 5  is an 8 hour overview of building and painting a kit made out of any of  the popular materials. #5. Vinyl, Resin & Styrene Figure Building & Painting-8hrs

Tape  # 4 is an in depth look at building resin kits. Resin kits are the most popular type of kits on the market today. #4. Basic Resin figure Building & Painting-4hrs.

Tape # 3 is an advanced Resin Figure Kit Building & Painting tutorial. If you have some experience building resin kits this tape contains tips and hints to help you move ahead  The info on this tape will help you to build contest winning models
#3. Advanced Resin Figure Kit Building & Painting-8hrs.

Tape # 14 shows you how to reposition vinyl kits into award winning displays. This is a very in depth tutorial for the person that likes the cheap price of a vinyl kit, but wants to add some animation to the rather static look of a vinyl kit.  #14. Advanced Vinyl Figure Kit Reposing & Scratch Building-6hrs.

Tape # 6 is a tape for modelers wishing to upgrade their skills working
with the classic polystyrene material in a figure model kit. It's a
WHOPPER. # 6 Advanced Styrene Figure Kit  Building & Painting 6hrs. 

Read what others have to say about the "Wayne 'The Dane' Hansen Video Courses".....

ART ASYLUM toy sculpting production house says," THE DANE's" sculpting videos have helped many of my in-house sculptors get that extra training needed to progress to a professional level my prototype sculpture house requires. I wish all sculptors were as gifted artistically and able to share this lost art of figure sculpting with others wishing to learn.
"DIGGER" President of ART ASYLUM.

Dear Wayne, 

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your tapes are great! What a great idea at an affordable price! So far I have   purchased #13 "SCULPTING THE HUMAN ANATOMY" and today I received #7  BASIC FIGURE SCULPTING/TOOLS & MATERIALS. I was going to attend a sculpture course, but they wanted way too much money and now, with your tapes I can keep the lessons and refer back to  them over and over again."

A Sculpting Video Customer

Many of THE DANE's figure sculpture students have gone on to successful heights. Some have been hired by model figure kit companies and done terrific sculptures: Needful Things' "BRAVEHEART", Needful Things' new Kurt Russell from "THE THING" remake. Erik Nocella now works as a professional figure sculptor for ART ASYLUM toy prototype sculpture house.

Here are the video tape courses in numerical order so you can fill out your collection.

Tape #1 Sculpting Video

Tape #2 Modeling Video

Tape #3 Modeling Video

Tape #4 Modeling Video

Tape #5 Modeling Video

Tape #6 Modeling Video

Tape #7 Sculpting Video

Tape #12 Sculpting Video

Tape #13 Sculpting Video

Tape #14 Modeling Video

Tape #15 Sculpting Video

Tape #16 Sculpting Video

Tape #17 Sculpting Video

Tape #18 Sculpting Video

Tape #19 Sculpting Video


WAYNE THE DANE also provides free online support for his sculpting students by offering critiques and technical info for free to anyone who asks! Contact Wayne  


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