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# 17

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"Advanced Figure Sculpting"  a 2 tape set  VHS, Speed: EP, NTSC North American format. 


"ADVANCED FIGURE SCULPTING" MADE EASY: Toy Sculptors and Sci-Fi Artists will find hours of trade secrets in this 16-hour extravaganza! 


#17 continues where #13  leaves off (with the same figure)!


Learn to finish sculpted figures and robotic hardware from polymer clay with professional sculptor, Wayne THE DANE Hansen, a 10-year veteran of the garage figure kit hobby. This video is unique in all sculpting videos! WHY?


You get a full 16 HOURS of instruction, a complete college art school course you can watch over again and again.

This video continues SCULPTING HUMAN ANATOMY video with creating alien PREDATOR likeness and ORGANIC DETAILING, and HI-TECH MECHANICAL and ARMOR DETAILING! 



Everything a beginner, intermediate or advanced needs to get started sculpting figures: Polymer clay (Super Sculpey TM) and epoxy putty sculpting, See how sculpting tools are used to create organic and mechanical realism in clay, Demos on INTRICATE SKIN FX, REALISTIC ARMOR & MECHANICS, CHOPPING FIGURES for MOLDING


If you like doing artwork, this video can open up the exciting world of realistic clay figure sculpture. This video may be the most comprehensive demonstration of 3D MOVIE FX SCALE FIGURE SCULPTING ever created!


The figure is sculpted sequentially in parts to show how a prototype would be created for duplication in silicone molds. Both fine and commercial artists will gain from this exhaustive array of tool movement and knowledge. An added bonus of sculpting a "PREDATOR" likeness created by FX wizards, STAN WINSTON & STEVE WANG!


Video #17 costs $47.95

US customers add $7.00 S&H

Canadian customers add $8.95 U.S.Dollars


WAYNE THE DANE also provides free online support for his sculpting students by offering critiques and technical info for free to anyone who asks! Contact Wayne


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